Intelligent Ship System

SEEMP Advisory System

The demands of monitoring and reducing the greenhouse gases emission and fossil fuels consumption promote the development of Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP). SEEMP aims to improve the ship energy efficiency by optimizing ship operations, including route, speed and trim optimization.

Seastel SEEMP Advisory System provides both onboard decision support and onshore analysis services. A wide range operational data are collected and stored continuously through data collector. Machine-learning technology is applied to analyze those operation data and generate optimization suggestions for route, speed and trim adjustment.


Collision Avoidance Advisory System

Collision avoidance plays a major role in the mariner’s daily work. It has attracted great attention after World War II, due to the development of radar and the rapid rise of the ocean traffic. The international rules for maritime collision avoidance (COLREGs) are developed by International Marine Organization (IMO) in 1972 to help collision-free navigation.

Seastel Collision Avoidance Advisory System could plan the best trajectory in the congested environment containing static and moving obstacles, which is compliant with COLREGs rules and maneuvering constraints. The planned collision-free trajectory can be executed with the waypoint, speed, and heading information for every moment provided to operation mariner.