IOT Engineer


  • Participate in the design and construction of the IOT data platform;

  • Participate in the realization of the software and hardware functions of IOT equipment, including sensor selection, data collection, sorting, transmission, etc.;

  • Participate in the development of data mining and data display functions of the IOT data platform;

  • Participate in the technical planning of the IOT data platform project, and write documents such as design documents;

  • Complete other tasks arranged by the department.


  • Bachelor or above degree required;

  • Have experience in the development of IoT or industrial Internet IOT architecture, familiar with mainstream technology architecture in the field of IoT or industrial Internet;

  • Understand analog and digital communications, industrial communication protocols such as modbus;

  • Experience in the development of related platforms such as IoT platforms in the industrial field is preferred.

Software Engineer Intern


  • Responsible for software integration with control system hardware, , including software engineering of control system and HMI

  • Analysis and Design of Automation Control System and Its Modules .


  • Graduate or senior undergraduate;

  • Major in automation, computer science, or experienced in relevant industry(Automation or Embedded system);

  • With knowledge of Electrical systems, familiar with the implementation and protocol data exchange of automation control system;

  • Familiar with C and C# programming;

  • Familiar with Python,Matlab,Labview,Linux is preferred.

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